Video: Fatbergs

22 April 2021
Audio described version

[Visual of 'flushable' wipe, strawberry and clump of dirt]

What do flushable wipes, strawberry tops, and whatever this thing is, have in common?

[Items form a circle with orange peel, food scraps, cottonbud and tampon]

None of these things should be flushed down the toilet or tipped down the sink.

[Items combine to form a grey mass]

Flushing the wrong things can lead to fatbergs, which block up our sewage system and your pipes.  

So to avoid feeding the fatberg, dispose of oils and food scraps correctly…

['Flushable' wipe is picked up and placed in rubbish bin]

…and only flush the three Ps: pee, poo, and toilet paper.

[On-screen text: Only flush the three Ps: pee; poo; (toilet); paper]

[Melbourne Water logo]