Video: Let’s talk water – drains

Find out where the drains in your street lead, as comedian Andrew Hansen continues to talk water.

18 March 2021
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Andrew Hansen – AH
Community member 1 – CM1
Community member 2 – CM2
Community member 3 – CM3
Child 1 – C1
Child 2 – C2

AH: Hey Melbourne. It’s time we had a talk about our water. This stuff here.

[On-screen text: Let’s talk water]

[Andrew talks to a man with a fishing rod standing next to a river]

AH: What’s the difference between the drains in your home and the drains in your street?   

CM1: I have no idea.  

CM2: The ones on the street are bigger.

[Andrew addresses baby in a pram]

AH: Fire away. 

CM3: Drains in your home go to a sewage processing facility, and the drains in the street – stormwater is released I think, into rivers and the bay directly, untreated.  

AH: You are good.

Two different systems. So yeah. Two different systems. For the systems of the drains in your home they go the treatment plant, get treated. Drains in the street, yeah they end up in the waterways here.

[Andrew addresses family sitting on a park bench]

AH: What shouldn’t we put down the drain?  

C1: Plastic bags and face masks.   

C2: Things that don’t break down?  

AH: Yeah that’s right. That’s why we’ve got to have a bit of a think about what we put down the drains.  

So Melbourne, now that we know all that, let’s talk more about water.

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