Video: Let’s talk water – the water cycle

3 March 2021
Audio described version


Andrew Hansen – AH
Community member 1 – CM1
Community member 2 – CM2
Community member 3 – CM3
Community member 4 – CM4
Community member 5 – CM5
Child – C

[On-screen text: Let’s talk water]

AH: Hey Melbourne, it’s time we had a talk about water. You know: where it comes from, where it goes – this is not something we really discuss, is it? Until now.  

[On-screen text: Let’s talk water]

[Andrew speaks to people standing next to a river]

AH: What do you have in common with a stegosaurus? 

CM1: Stegosaurus? We occupied the earth sometime.  

C: I like dinosaurs. 

AH: Me too. 

C: I like apple juice too. 

CM2: We’re both made of water? 

AH: Hey that’s pretty close! You and the stegosaurus both drink the exact same water. It goes around and around the water cycle. 

CM3: There we go, what do you know. I had no idea about that. It’s pretty cool.

AH: There’s no new water. I’m sorry to tell you this but all the water that we have – it’s already here.

[Andrew speaks to two people boating on the river]

AH: Ahoy! So how do you think the planet creates new water? 

CM4: It falls out of the clouds. 

CM1: It doesn’t.  

AH: You’re right! It doesn’t, all the water’s already here. Which means our water supply is not unlimited. This is it. Yeah. This is all we got. So we’ve got to think a little bit about, you know, how we use it. 
Boating on it is a lovely thing, lovely way to use it. 

CM1: Does it grow or shrink? It’s the same water, over and over again?

AH: It’s the same water over and over again. I hate to tell you, it’s all the same. We’re not getting any new water here. It just goes around the cycle and comes back. No new water.

CM5: No new water. Use it wisely.

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