Video: Producing recycled water

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What comes to mind when you think of sewage?

Sewage is actually made up of around 99.8% water. 

It’s a combination of everything that goes down the drain when you wash your clothes, take a shower or a bath, do the dishes and flush the toilet. 

Once it leaves your home, sewage travels through a network of pipes to our Eastern and Western Treatment Plants. This is where we process more than 90% of Melbourne’s sewage. 

Because sewage has such a high water content, we’re able to recycle the water for non-drinking purposes. Our advanced treatment technologies mean we produce high-quality recycled water that complies with strict regulatory guidelines.

Recycled water is used to irrigate crops, and keep parks and gardens green, as well as being used for firefighting. 

As we deal with climate change and a growing population, recycling water for non-drinking purposes makes sense. It conserves our drinking water supplies and helps us make the best use of all of Melbourne’s water resources. 

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