Webinar: Strategic pest animal management

Learn from Agriculture Victoria’s Biosecurity Manager, Jason Wishart, about Victoria’s invasive species and the evolving strategies to manage them. This webinar was recorded on 17 September, 2020.

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This webinar discusses:

  • various vertebrate pest species in Australia
  • how they came to be
  • what makes them so successful.

It also provides general information on the various impacts associated with pest animal populations, and the control techniques and strategies used to manage them most effectively.


For more information, head to the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions website.

  • PestSmart: planning and support tools on best practice pest animal management 
  • FeralScan: community mapping program to support pest animal management

About the presenter

Jason has been involved in invasive species management and research for nearly 15 years. He started his career at the Invasive Animals CRC (now Centre for Invasive Species Solutions), then moved to Animal Control Technologies for several years before joining Agriculture Victoria as Statewide Biosecurity Manager for established pest animals. Jason has worked on numerous invasive species throughout his career and has developed several products and strategies to assist with their management.

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