Video: The Waterways and Drainage Charge

Take a look at how property owners like you are helping us to deliver much-needed services from the Yarra Ranges to Mornington Peninsula and from Tarago to Ballan.

13 October 2020
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Hey Melbourne, ever wondered “What’s the Waterways and Drainage Charge?”

The retailers collect the Waterways and Drainage Charge on our behalf… and more than 2 million property owners pay the charge each year.

We invest the funds to enhance life and liveability across Greater Melbourne and the surrounding region.

The charge supports…

[On-screen text: Healthy waterways: 22%]

Looking after local rivers and creeks to support biodiversity.

[On-screen text: Stormwater quality: 9%]

Managing stormwater to protect waterways and bays.

[On-screen text: Flow and water access: 1%]

Managing major water resources on behalf of the community.

[On-screen text: Emergency response: 2%]

Responding to emergencies such as flooding and pollution spills.

[On-screen text: Flood and drainage services: 24%]

Building community resilience to flooding.

[On-screen text: Planning for new land developments: 42%]

And ensuring flood prevention and water quality standards of new developments.

So, thank you for helping to make Melbourne a great place to live!

To find out more, visit our website:

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