Webinar: Bridging troubled waters

This webinar will focus on the impact of stormwater pollution on the health of our urban waterways. Bio2Lab environmental scientist Dr David Sharley will cover a number of topics using research and data from his project to map pollution in the Werribee River catchment, a collaboration with the Werribee River Association. This webinar was recorded on 9 July, 2020.

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This webinar covers the following topics:

  • What is stormwater?
  • Urban sprawl pressures impacting our local waterways
  • Measuring the impact of stormwater pollution using sediment quality assessments
  • Biological monitoring as a tool to assess the ecological condition of waterways
  • Stormwater pollution profiling to find major sources of pollution
  • Linking scientific data collected in the project for enhanced community education and awareness outcomes
  • Simple solutions we can all implement to reduce stormwater pollution. 


View sediment and stormwater pollution data collected from the Werribee catchment via an interactive dashboard.
Use the map to search by catchment and then drill down to creek and stream level.

About the presenter

Dr David Sharley is an environmental scientist with over twenty years of experience working in water and agriculture services. Dave enjoys developing new ways to communicate scientific outcomes to governments, industry and the community, and has published many articles on the ecological impact of urban development and land management.

Dave worked at the University of Melbourne for over 10 years researching how pollutants can stress and change aquatic population structures and decrease the resilience of aquatic ecosystems. Building upon his twenty years of research experience, Dave founded Bio2Lab in 2017 with Steve Marshall to develop and offer novel water quality monitoring tools to the water industry.

Dave’s main areas of interest include aquatic pollution, real-time monitoring, aquatic pollution tracking, environmental recovery, urban wetland ecology, integrated catchment management and linking environmental research outcomes to policy.

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