Webinar: Waterbug monitoring design and data analysis

Waterbugs can be a great indicator of ecosystem health – monitoring them can tell you about the impact of human activities and how well your community is looking after your waterway. Join freshwater ecologist John Gooderham to learn how to best incorporate waterbugs into a monitoring project. This webinar was recorded on 25 June, 2020.

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More information

For more information, visit our Waterbug Census webpage.


The interpretive tools used in this webinar can be accessed through The National Waterbug Blitz.
These maps bring together data from water authorities around Australia, and model it to show site assessments comparable with those you can do using The Waterbug App.

About the presenter

John Gooderham is a freshwater ecologist who spends his professional life working with waterbugs as a researcher, author, consultant and teacher. He was co-creator of The Waterbug App, and one of the instigators of The National Waterbug Blitz.

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