Video: Cockatoo Swamp rehabilitation project

Melbourne Water is undertaking a range of waterway improvement activities in Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve, to help preserve the habitat of the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater and lowland Leadbeater’s Possum.

22 September 2020
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Cockatoo Swamp rehabilitation project, Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve
Saving our state animal and bird emblems

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[Aerial view of the swamp]

Melbourne Water is undertaking a unique and important project in Cockatoo Swamp in Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve.

The project will help improve the last remaining habitat for the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater and lowland Leadbeater’s Possum. These animals are found nowhere else in the world.

[Time lapse of project works]

Historical man-made changes to waterways and the creation of a levee bank in the 1950s has changed the natural distribution of water in the area.

The changes have caused native trees and plants to die. These trees are vital habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and the lowland Leadbeater’s Possum.

Our project works to install a temporary above-ground pipeline to lower water levels in key areas will help return the swampy are to more natural conditions.

Water is pumped out of the swamp and released back into Cockatoo Creek downstream.

[Water being released into the swamp]

Lowering the water levels will allow the vegetation to recover naturally, and improve the existing habitat in the area for these unique and important animals.

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