Western Treatment Plant augmented reality app

13 July 2020
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Narrator – N1 (Kim O’Hoy, Melbourne Water Education Officer)


N1: The augmented reality app is so important to us, because we know that there are only a certain number of people that can come and visit us on bus tours.

N1: So this is a way of reaching all those people – maybe interstate, maybe overseas – that are really interested in seeing this beautiful site; and they can just open it up, have a look and it's really good, it’s an overview of what we do at the Western Treatment Plant.

N1: So the Western Treatment Plant is a place that takes your sewage. And what's sewage? Well, that’s all your wastewater. So it cleans it up.

N1: They're these massive ponds, really large ponds where the sewage flows through and gets cleaner and cleaner after every pond.

N1: There are a lot of people who don’t realise where their sewage goes and that they have an impact on the sewerage system.

N1: So one of the important things was to actually do this app, but make it short and sharp and so people can actually just open this app and say, ‘you know, I want to learn a little bit about where my sewage goes to’.

N1: It’s a great way, it’s an interesting way, it’s a creative way of walking through and feeling immersed in sewage. I mean most people would want that, wouldn't they?

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