Our Strategic Direction

Watch this video for our overarching strategy, which sets a clear direction for Melbourne Water, providing guidance, defining our purpose, and outlining key priorities and challenges.

5 September 2017
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Melbourne is one of the greatest and most liveable cities in the world.

Here at Melbourne water we are committed to making sure the city continues to thrive while adapting to challenges like climate change, urbanisation, rapid digitisation, evolving customer expectations and the changing economy.

The services Melbourne Water provides every day are essential to our community, businesses and environment. This also makes us an important part of Melbourne future.

Our strategic direction ensures we are prepared for future challenges so that we continue to provide the safe secure and affordable services the community expects.

The strategic direction guides organisational priorities, work planning and capabilities required to deliver, helping everyone understand their contribution to a common goal, clarifying our purpose, our roles, our key priorities and our values.

We are making a commitment to ensuring Melbourne remains a region of healthy people providing safe affordable and world-class drinking water, treating our sewage and protecting public health.

We are devoted to keeping Melbourne safe from floods, manage the impacts of climate change and enable more access to open space. From catchment to coast we are establishing a healthy environment.

We are enhancing biodiversity, being innovative with resource recovery and reducing our emissions. Together these three pillars; healthy people, healthy places and healthy environment are our unique contribution to enhancing life and liveability in the Melbourne region.

We will put the customer at the centre of everything we do with inspired employees, financial sustainability and a drive for continuous improvement.

At Melbourne Water we want to create a culture that cares, has integrity and courage working together for the same purpose.

We will be a business that the community can depend on to enhance life and liveability.