Our water achievements

Along with our diverse and talented team of staff, we’ve worked closely with our customers, stakeholders and the community to deliver some real milestones in 2016-17.

5 September 2017
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Melbourne Water

Key achievements 2016–2017

A short video with images and photos to present Melbourne Water’s key achievements for the financial year 2016 to 2017.


Narrator – N1 (Olivia Vincent)

Speaker 2 – S2 (Amo Mason)

Speaker 3 – S3 (Emma Pryse)

Speaker 4 – S4 (Courtney Carthy)

Speaker 5 – S5 (Ron Sawyer)

Speaker 6 – S6 (Gordon Templeton)

Speaker 7 – S7 (Alex Scott)

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[music] [on-screen text: Achievements 2016-2017]

>> N1: Against the backdrop of a rapidly growing population, with an increasingly variable climate, Melbourne Water works with our partners to make a vital contribution to greater Melbourne’s famous liveability.

[music] [on-screen text: Healthy People]

[music] [on-screen text: Healthy Places]

[music] [on-screen text: Healthy Environment]

Guided by our vision of creating Healthy People, Healthy Places and a Healthy Environment, our achievements this year have helped support economic growth, enhance community well-being and underpin human health.

[music] [on-screen text: Over 428 Billion litres of drinking water]

During the year we supplied our customers with over 420 billion litres of world-class drinking water, 23 billion litres of recycled water and treated over 332 billion litres of sewage.

[music] [on-screen text: 23 billion litres of recycled water]

[music] [on-screen text: 332 billion litres of sewage]

We delivered almost $440 million in capital projects, and are upgrading ageing infrastructure for future generations, such as: The Preston Reservoir to Merri Creek water main, and the Maroondah Aqueduct.

[music] [on-screen text: Capital Projects. $440 million]

[music] [on-screen text: Capital Projects. M40 projects $19.8M]

[music] [on-screen text: Capital Projects. Maroondah Aqueduct $18.5M]

Integrating the first ever desalinated water order into our water supply, we achieved even greater water security against future droughts.

We also signed a 14-year agreement with Southern Rural Water to deliver recycled water from our Western Treatment Plant, benefiting farmers in Werribee South.

[music] [on-screen text: Amo Mason. Mason Bros. Vegetable Farms]

>>S2: Working with Melbourne Water, it’s secured our business and has abled us to continue growing through the millennium drought, which is a great support for us.

>>N1: Through close collaboration with our partners, residents of Williams Landing now enjoy a brand new parkland, as part of a project to convert 27 kilometres of decommissioned sewer into vibrant green space, called Greening the Pipeline. 

[music] [on-screen text: Emma Pryse. Wyndham City Council.]

>>S3: The Greening the Pipeline initiative increases connectivity by bringing the community together. It has great active travel outcomes and greening of the corridor will create some great health and wellbeing outcomes.

>>N1: In collaboration with local Councils, we facilitated five new shared pathway agreements, significantly increasing the network of pathways and cycleways across the region.

We also supported a number of local community events and festivals, such as the Inflatable Regatta, which saw 1700 people floating down the Yarra in inflatable boats. 

[music] [on-screen text: Lee Pattinson & Courtney Carthy. Inflatable Regatta]

>>S4: We thought a lot about who we wanted to partner with for Inflatable Regatta, and Melbourne Water was such an easy choice. We’re all about Yarra River health, having grown up around the Yarra and how beautiful it is, and what a great natural resource it remains. And Melbourne Water really appreciate that.

>>N1: We were appointed the lead agency for the Yarra Strategic Plan, which will create a strong community vision for how this iconic river will be best utilised in the years to come.

With the addition of five new mini-hydroelectric power stations, our total network now produces more than enough renewable energy to power our entire water supply operation.

[music] [on-screen text: 2016-2017. $8.4M in grants.]

We distributed $8.4 million in grants to local Councils, community groups and landholders for works to further improve waterways and bays.

[music] [on-screen text: Ron Sawyer. Property Owner.]

>>S5: One of the best things about being part of the stream frontage program and the rural land program is it made doing things properly affordable for us.

>>N1: In collaboration with our customers, we have made significant progress in improving the products and services we provide.

[music] [on-screen text: Gordon Templeton. Association of Land Development Engineers.]

>>S6: Over thirty odd years in the industry, and more particularly over the last, I’d say, five years, we have seen a marked change in Melbourne Water’s approach to providing their advice to us in the development industry. There certainly is a higher level of collaboration, so we see that as a great outcome for the industry.

>>N1: We’re also providing easier ways for the community to interact with us through digital engagement.

This year we launched a new Frog Census App.

[music] [on-screen text: Alex Scott. Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School.]

>>S7: Melbourne Water’s been fantastic with us for the school’s conservation club, and in particular when using the frog census app in order to monitor the species we have here on the site, and as we have the growling grass frog on the site, which is an endangered species, it’s proven a fantastic segue or introduction to citizen science in a way in which students can really make a difference within their local community.

>>N1: As well as promoting a strong safety culture, Melbourne Water is helping staff to achieve their full potential through a new Career Development Centre.

We’re committed to achieving gender balance and are working towards a target of 50% of women in management roles.

Along with our diverse and talented team of staff, we work closely with water retailers, councils, developers, contractors, the community and government agencies.

Together, we’re all helping to make Melbourne a great place to live.

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