Video: The greatest backyard in Melbourne

Find out how you can make a difference to the health and beauty of our waterways, so we can all continue to enjoy Melbourne's backyard.

3 March 2020
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We share the greatest backyard in Melbourne. Our iconic rivers and creeks are the lifeblood of Melbourne’s natural landscape. They're what makes living here great.

They provide us with spaces to be active, to connect with family and friends; or to enjoy some quiet time in nature.

At Melbourne Water, we care for our beautiful rivers and creeks as well as the surrounding open spaces. The work we do today ensures they remain healthy and clean into the future.

But Melbourne’s population is rapidly growing and that means more litter is reaching our waterways every day.

We all have a role to play to keep our rivers and creeks beautiful. Litter is everyone's responsibility. Your simple everyday actions can make a difference.

So if you see litter around our rivers and creeks; bin it. Let’s keep them clean today, so we can all enjoy them tomorrow.

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