Raingardens in Melbourne

We've been working with local councils and the community to build raingardens in public spaces such as streets, parks and schools. Our Raingardens Program aims to encourage people to build raingardens in their homes.

Federation Square Carpark Raingarden, Central Melbourne

This raingarden was built to filter stormwater runoff before it enters the Yarra River. Raingarden plants used in this raingarden are:

  • Gymea Lily, otherwise known as Giant Spear Lily (Doryanthes excelsa) - the large tufted species in the foreground

  • Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulates)

  • Carex species

Lambert Street Raingardens, Richmond

A series of street raingardens have been built into this urban streetscape to create a greener space and to filter stormwater before it enters our rivers, creeks and the bay. Raingarden plants used in these raingardens include:

  • Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis)

  • Little Rev (Dianella revolute)

Community raingardens

Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

City of Port Phillip - Betty Day Community Centre

City of Knox -  Ferntree Gully Library


Last updated:
26 September 2017