Innovation competition to reduce Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions

Melbourne Water would like to congratulate the four successful shortlisted applicants to the Scope 1 Emissions Innovation Competition who will go onto the next stage, scoping out the solutions in more detail. Read the media release.

Passionate about fighting climate change? We invite you to join our contest for innovative ways to reduce or eliminate Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (methane and nitrous oxide) from our wastewater treatment plants.

This competition gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas to work with Melbourne Water on reducing emissions and share in a funding pool totalling $200,000 AUD if your idea is selected.

Individuals, institutions and corporations based in Australia and overseas are eligible to apply. Submissions can be based on early stage concepts or ideas through to established technologies and process solutions.

Types of submissions we’re looking for

Ideas are welcome in:

  • Emissions measurement and modelling, for example:
    • atmospheric measurement of emissions from the treatment plants
    • measurement of dissolved methane and nitrous oxide in wastewater
    • process computer modelling and identifying key influences on emissions
  • Optimisation of existing wastewater treatment processes, for example:
    • process covers, emission capture and treatment
    • real-time control system for process optimisation to minimise emissions
    • alternative process configurations
    • side-stream nutrient removal that result in emission reduction
  • Wastewater treatment processes of the future, for example:
    • decoupling nitrogen removal from aerobic processes
    • algae processes
    • decentralised treatment
    • anaerobic processes

Evaluation criteria

We’ll evaluate submissions on:

  • being conceptually and technically sound
  • the solution’s effectiveness in measuring, capturing and/or reducing Scope 1 emissions 
  • the solution’s relevance and ease of integration into the existing infrastructure and/or operations of  Melbourne Water’s Eastern and Western Treatment Plants
  • any added value provided by the proposed solution
  • the financial viability of the proposed solution
  • the entrant’s track record and/or experience

Competition programme

  • Entrants submit ideas
  • the Competition Jury will select the top ideas (up to 5)
  • these entrants will be engaged to produce a Detailed Solution for a fee of $10,000 AUD each
  • the Competition Jury will select the best Detailed Solution(s) (up to 5)
  • the remaining funding pool ($150,000 AUD) will be allocated to the winners to undertake scopes of work as defined in their Detailed Solutions and in consultation with Melbourne Water

How to join the competition and submit your idea

Ideas must be submitted before 5pm on 3 December 2018.

Applications are now closed.

Submission process:

  • All ideas will be assessed by the Competition Jury on merit according to the evaluation criteria.  
  • Shortlisted entrants will be announced in February 2019. These selected entrants will be invited to submit a Detailed Solution.
  • The final winners will be announced in mid-2019. 

Slides from webinars and workshops

Questions and answers

Please submit all questions to [email protected]. Responses to questions will be published here at intervals.

Key dates

Milestone Date
Competition opens 22 October 2018
Q&A period 22 October - 26 November 2018
Deadline for submissions 3 December 2018 5pm

More information

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7 January 2020