Urban Cooling Program

Our heatwaves are getting hotter and more frequent, with the largest impacts occurring in our cities due to the urban heat island (UHI) effect.

At Melbourne Water, we are committed to creating thriving environments and through the Urban Cooling Program we aim to transform 30 hectares of public land with shade and cooling by 2021 to help mitigate the UHI effect.

About the project

Together with stakeholders and the community, we are working to create cooler and greener spaces so they are enjoyable for more days of the year.

Improving green spaces for cooling can occur through providing trees and vegetation for shade, and water to improve vegetation health and evapotranspiration, or both.

Vegetation and water used to cool green space can also provide habitat, improve amenity, and help manage stormwater flows to waterways. 

By working together we can create greener and cooler, places to enjoy all year round.

Pilot Projects

Last year we delivered 24 hectares of shade, cooling and greening by planting trees along paths at Jacana and Edithvale wetlands. This is almost the same size as 10 MCGs! By 2021 we plan to deliver a further 6 hectares of shade trees in partnership with Maribyrnong City Council along the Lower Maribyrnong River.

Jacana wetlands, Gladstone Park, is a great example of how the local community helped to transform exposed parklands and a major bicycle commuter route, adjacent to a high value waterway, so that it is greener and cooler and be used by the community for more days of the year.  

Edithvale wetlands, Edithvale, has been transformed so that exposed parklands and walking tracks, adjacent to a high value waterway, will be greener and cooler and used by the community for more days of the year. 

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Last updated:
9 August 2019