Melbourne Water is leading the Reimaging Your Moonee Ponds Creek Program on behalf of the Chain of Ponds Collaboration Group and in partnership with Moreland City Council, Moonee Valley City Council, City West Water and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The aim is to create a more appealing creek side environment, restore waterway health and activate open space and recreational opportunities along the creek.  

The project will examine a length of the most northerly concrete section of the Moonee Ponds Creek, in Oak Park and Strathmore.

Project benefits

Reimagining this section of the Moonee Ponds Creek will result in:

  • a more appealing creek side environment where people can interact with nature in a cooler, healthier environment
  • improved waterway health by slowing water flows and establishing aquatic and riparian vegetation
  • activating open space for the community to use and have access to
  • improved biodiversity and habitat for native species.

Project Update

Two phases of community engagement were undertaken in May-June 2021 and August- September 2021. During phase two of the engagement, we asked the community to consider three design concepts which were developed based on previous feedback.

Artist's illustration of Moonee Ponds Creek with a pond at Oak Park, naturalised waterway, terraces and daylighting of the drain.

Concept design C was the most popular receiving 135 community votes. 31% of people voted that the installation of the pond at Oak Park is the most important aspect of this concept design. 

Since the end of the community engagement, the project team has been working on taking concept design C through the design process, ensuring all components of the design can be delivered and built. 

A new bridge

Funding for a new bridge has been jointly provided by Moreland City Council and Moonee Valley City Council with construction to occur as part of the waterway works led by Melbourne Water.

There are currently two bridges that cross Moonee Ponds Creek in the project area.  The bridge located between Strathmore North Primary School and Margaret Street will be replaced with a new bridge as it is the older of the two and only 1.2 metres in width.

The late inclusion of this new bridge has had an impact on the design development as we extend our design to include the new paths and bridge connections prior to commencing construction.

Vegetation managment

To facilitate the works there will be impacts to both native and non-native vegetation. The project team have worked diligently to minimise and reduce the impact on existing vegetation wherever possible.  

Overhead graphic of the Moonee Ponds Creek showing the project location between Oak Park Reserve and Strathmore North PS.  Image shows 15 trees will be removed to accommodate the new pond and 12 trees will be removed for the shared path that runs alongside Brosnan Ave.  114 trees along Brosnan Avenue will be retained.

Thirty-four trees will be removed to facilitated the works, 12 of them alongside Brosnan Crescent to allow for construction of a shared path and 15 will be removed at the location of the new pond. 

Between Brosnan Cres and the waterway 114 trees will be kept.  The project will plat a total of 31,000 native plants within the project area and at another suitable location to offset the vegetation removals of the project.

Planning approvals

The Minister for Planning is in the process
of determining whether the Reimagining
Moonee Ponds Creek project can be
considered under the Clause 52.30 – State project planning provision in the Moonee Valley and Moreland Planning Schemes.

This assessment process will include consideration of potential environmental, amenity and construction impacts of the project and a range of requirements must be met before works can commence.

Community and stakeholder feedback on the Reimagining Moonee Ponds Creek project form an important part of Clause 52.30. To support this process Melbourne Water is seeking community feedback on a range of planning matters including:
• Construction related impacts;
• Environmental impacts;
• Amenity impacts;
• Native vegetation; and
• Heritage
Please send any feedback you have on these topics to [email protected]
Consultation will close at 11.59pm
Sunday 13 March 2022

The inclusion of the new bridge and the Clause 52.30 planning requirements, have delayed the start of the project. We are anticipating the first stage of construction will start in April 2022 and will take us through to June 2022.

A full project update can be found here:

 Full summary of the phase one and two results:






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June 2020 - April 2021

Project planning


May - June 2021

Phase one community engagement 


June -August 2021

Design development


August - September 2021

Phase 2 community engagement 


November 2021

Design confirmed

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Stage one construction

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November 2022 - June 2023

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25 February 2022