Melbourne Water is building new infrastructure in the areas of Kalkallo, Beveridge, Bald Hill and Yan Yean to meet the growing demand for water in the northern and western suburbs of Greater Melbourne.

Why this project is important

Melbourne’s population is projected to increase from 4.6 million in 2016 to 6 million in 2031, and ultimately to 8 million people in 2051. Around 60% of this growth is expected to occur in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs, with 851,000 new residents projected by 2031 (Victoria in Future 2016, Victorian Government).

A new pipeline has been designed and timed to meet growing water demands and improve reliability of supply in the northern suburbs, while freeing up capacity to transfer more water to the western suburbs.

What’s happening and when


Small pipeline and tank

We are constructing a 1.5-kilometre water supply pipeline and have installed a large water tank on the top of Bald Hill, Kalkallo. This will be connected to a greater pipeline planned for the future.

Works involve excavation to establish a foundation for the new pipeline and tank. The tank is 10 metres tall and approximately 36 metres in diameter, and was delivered to the site in segments and installed by crane.

Not Started

2022: Yan Yean to Bald Hill pipeline

As part of a related project in the area, we are also planning to build a new pipeline to improve the reliability of water supply in the northern suburbs and free up capacity to transfer more water to the western suburbs.

The project involves construction of a new 20-kilometre pipeline from the Yan Yean Water Treatment Plant to the Bald Hill, Kalkallo tank site, as shown on the following map. As the new pipeline will be constructed to transfer water, no connections will be made to properties along the alignment.

We anticipate construction will commence in 2022.

map of works being done at Bald Hill

What to expect

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the community, businesses and the environment as we deliver world-class solutions

As works continue, you may notice:

  • frequent truck activity in the area to transport materials and equipment
  • soil stockpiled on site
  • noise from machinery operating during work hours.

We will continue to have measures in place to manage dust and noise.

Your feedback

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Last updated:
1 April 2021