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Image shows representatives of Melbourne Water and the community standing at the entrance of Pilot Park, the name of the area that was developed from open culvert to parkland

The Greening the Pipeline initiative aims to transform the heritage-listed Main Outfall Sewer reserve along the Federation Trail bike path, into a parkland to service a growing population in Melbourne's west.

The vision is to create a vibrant space that will connect communities, enhance active transport options for the region, manage water sensitively and provide a unique space to meet, play and relax. The initiative is a partnership between Melbourne Water, Wyndham City Council, City West Water, VicRoads and supported by Greening the West.


What's happening and when

The project involves:

  • designing a master plan of Zone 5 section of the Main Sewer Outfall (MOS) between Lawrie Emmins and Skeleton Creek
  • collaborating with the local community and stakeholders to inform the master planning.


Why is this project important?

The Main Sewer Outfall was built in the 1890s to improve the health of Melbourne. For nearly 100 years it transferred the majority of Melbourne’s sewage for treatment until it was decommissioned in 1993. 

Inspired by the High Line Project in new York that transformed a closed-down rail line into the a green inner-city oasis, the Greening the Pipeline project focuses on transforming the decommissioned pipeline into a green corridor for the benefit of the communities it passes through.

In 2017 the Pilot Park at Williams Landing was created - a proof of concept park designed in collaboration with the local community that delivered a connecting green community space, which incorporated water sensitive design and local stormwater management (see the before and after images below).

The Greening the Pipeline project will produce a master plan that will:

  • improve liveability by creating valuable open space
  • increase community connectivity
  • manage stormwater sensitively
  • repurpose and celebrate the heritage-listed Main Outfall Sewer
  • enhance cycling and pedestrian use.

See the 'before'

Picture of Williams Landing decommissioned sewer section showing bare concrete culvert
Before: Section of the Main Outfall Sewer prior to development

And 'after'

Image shows the transformation of the pipeline into a community park where the open area is covered in grassland and plantings
After: Williams Landing after development

Further information

Watch the Greening the Pipeline video for more information on the project.


Your feedback

We value your feedback. If you wish to contact us with your comments or for more information relating to the project please contact:

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Last updated:
2 April 2020