Melbourne Water is undertaking water main upgrade works in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. These upgrade works will ensure that additional water can be transferred between Silvan and Greenvale reservoirs to accommodate for the area’s future growth and ensure the community continues to be provided with a reliable and secure water supply.

About the project

The works will involve:
•    modifying five existing air valve sites at different locations on Somerton Road between Greenvale and Somerton  
•    installing two new surge vessels (water storage tanks) at the intersection of Sydney Rd and Cooper Street Service Road. 

Why is this project needed?

This project will complement works to repurpose the Preston Pumping Station so that it can act as a transfer system for delivering additional water from Silvan to Greenvale reservoirs to accommodate for the area’s future growth.


Construction is underway and will be completed by late 2021. 

Residents and businesses adjacent to each work site location will be advised of the specific timing of construction as the work program develops.

What to expect during construction 

Whilst we will make every effort to ensure inconveniences are kept to a minimum, there will be some localised impacts: 

•    At each work site, there may be noise from trucks and other vehicles, reversing beepers, machinery and other equipment during construction.
•    There will be lane closures on Somerton Road at various stages to safely work near traffic. 
There will be no impacts or interruptions to your water or sewerage services while we undertake the works. 

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Last updated:
28 July 2021