Church Street Stormwater Drain Rehabilitation

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Melbourne Water is re-lining the Church Street stormwater drain in Hawthorn. This work will ensure the drain continues to operate safely.

About the project

Melbourne Water is re-lining a section of the Church Street stormwater drain between Church Street and College Street, Hawthorn. The drain will be accessed through manholes along Church Street, College Street and Smart Street Reserve. As we conduct work you'll notice machinery set up around manholes, this machinery helps feed a new lining called GeoKrete into the existing stormwater drain. 

The image shows machinery set up at the opening of a manhole with a lining being fed down into the existing drain below ground, to the left  of the existing drain there is a plug to stop flow through the main whilst the new Geokrete lining is being fed through the left side of the existing main.
Image of how Geokrete will be installed












What to expect

Contractors Aqua Metro Services will complete this project on behalf of Melbourne Water. While every effort is made to minimise disruption to community, during works you may notice: 

  • Dust 
  • Noise
  • Increased vehicle movements in and out of Smart Street Reserve
  • Pathway diversions within Smart Street Reserve
  • Partial road closures along Smart Street and College Street
  • Trimming of some trees and removal of some small plants near the Church Street end of Smart Street Reserve.

Melbourne Water understands the value of trees to communities and will work with Council to identify opportunities for offset planting. 

Information sessions

Due to the current Victorian Government restrictions, we are unable to hold any face to face engagement sessions at this time. Please join us via zoom link on:

  • Saturday November 20 2021 at 10am 
  • Wednesday November 24 2021 at 7.30pm

Please email your RSVP by Monday 15 November 2021 to [email protected] and the project team will provide you with a zoom link. This will be your chance to meet the Project Team and ask any questions you may have about the proposed work. 



October to January

Functional design

Not Started

January to March 2022

Detailed design

Not Started

April 2022 to July 2022


Contact us

For more information about this project please call the project team on 1800 960 977 or email [email protected]

Last updated:
9 February 2022