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Other fees 1.7

​Works which may impact on our asset/land

We require developers to meet the cost of connecting to our drains or waterways when they aren't constructing works in association with our assets.

Connection fees are per connection and not per application. As a general rule a refundable asset protection fee of $5,000+ is required, and a fee of $433.95, which includes all administration costs and inspections.

Connection to our underground drain

A flat application fee of $157.52 is applied to an underground drainage connection between ours and councils drain when in a council or road reserve, or on private property. If a drain is located under a floodway or in our land or a connection is required to our open drain or waterway, a fee of $433.95 will apply and a refundable asset protection fee of $5,000+ is required.


All buildover applications attract a fee of $213.05 per application to cover the cost of assessment and administration, plus the cost of any associated legal fees.


All crossings of waterways will be subject to a $433.95 application fee to cover the cost of assessment and administration and a $5,000+ refundable asset protection fee is required.

Road crossing of our land

All applications for road crossings of our pipetracks will be subject to a $5,000+ refundable asset protection fee. Additional land valuation, land value and legal fees are to be paid by the proponent.

Last updated:
22 June 2020