To receive our consent to issue a statement of compliance, developers must confirm that they have met the planning permit and offer conditions that relate to their subdivision.   

​A statement of compliance is required to finalise the subdivision process, allow registration of the subdivision and the release of the new titles by the Titles Office.

A statement of compliance is not issued until all conditions of the planning permit or your offer have been met. Those conditions may include construction of drainage works (works) and payment of drainage contributions (non-works).

To receive our consent to issue a statement of compliance, developers must confirm that they have met the conditions that relate to their subdivision. In some instances, this may include developers confirming their legal point of discharge.

A separate application for a stormwater connection will be required if the proposal is to connect stormwater to a Melbourne Water asset.

Melbourne Water will then notify your council that we consent to the referred plan of subdivision and that a statement of compliance can be issued.


Before requesting our consent to a statement of compliance, please ensure the following steps in the subdivision process have been completed:

  • planning permit for subdivision of the land has been issued by your council (if required)

  • certification of the plan of subdivision

  • application by developer has been made for offer of drainage conditions (works and non-works) for the provision of stormwater facilities

  • offer of conditions prepared by Melbourne Water received and accepted by the developer or applicant within 3 months of offer date

  • payment of Development Services Scheme contribution (where applicable).

  • compliance of all relevant conditions as per subdivision planning permit (if applicable) or your non-works or works offer

Application process

Documents required

Applications must include:

  • previous Melbourne Water case number associated with the offer of drainage conditions (works or non-works)

  • plan of subdivision number

  • all documentation including a separate condition compliance statement demonstrating or describing how Melbourne Water's conditions have been met

Approval process

We will review documentation to confirm that all conditions outlined in our offer of drainage conditions (works or non-works) or planning permit have been met.


The process can take up to 7 days for us to assess your application and respond to council.

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There are no fees for this service.

Contact us

If you need any help completing this application, contact us on 131 722.

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