If you are developing or building and your property is subject to flooding, you may be required to obtain flood flow rate information from us.

​A Velocity Statement will provide the velocity of floodwaters that may flow through your property if it is affected by flooding. Depending on the velocity of the floodwaters you may be required to meet certain design or construction standards under the Building Code of Australia.

This construction standard will ensure that your development is able to withstand potentially fast flowing floodwaters structurally. 

Application process

You should apply for a Velocity Statement at the request of your building surveyor or consultant or if your property is subject to flooding.

Documents required

No documents are required for application.


14 days (10 business days).

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There are no fees for this service.

Guidelines and standards

For more information read our:

Flooding information and advice

Contact us

If you need any help completing this application, contact us on 131 722.

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