If you are developing or subdividing land you may be required to apply for an offer in order to enter into an agreement with us to meet our drainage conditions.

Developers apply for an offer, which outlines the conditions of agreement for the provision of drainage or stormwater facilities.

Application process

If you are unsure if your subdivision or development plan requires drainage works please contact our Customer Service Centre. 

You will need to apply for an offer of conditions to:

  • comply with a planning permit 

  • construct drainage works such as retarding basins, wetlands, constructed waterways and pipelines (required by Development Services Schemes)

  • upgrade or realign an existing Melbourne Water asset

  • pay for a stormwater quality offset for any new industrial subdivision that is between 0.4 hectares and 5 hectares

Documents required

Before making an application for drainage conditions, please ensure you have:

  • a formal plan of subdivision (that has been lodged with Council) in PDF format

  • concept plans and description of the proposed works (if applicable)

  • SPEAR reference number (if applicable)

  • Development Staging plan (optional)

  • Preliminary Road and Drainage plans (optional)

Approval process

We will prepare an offer that sets out conditions for the provision of drainage services to the development. It includes details of special conditions and financial arrangements relating to the development.

You must accept the offer within 3 months of the offer date.

When all of the conditions in the agreement have been met you can request our consent for a statement of compliance.

There are two types of drainage agreements – non-works and works offers.

Non-works offers

A non-works offer sets out conditions that do not include Melbourne Water works to be constructed. This offer may request that you pay a contribution towards the funding of waterways and drainage infrastructure to service a new subdivision or development.

Works offers

A works offer specifies conditions related to the works that are to be constructed by the developer for Melbourne Water and any reimbursement arrangements. It may also include any required contributions.


You'll receive our response within 28 days for non-works offers and 60 days for works offers.

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There are no fees for this service.


Contact us

If you need any help to complete this application, contact us on 131 722.

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