Building surveyors must consult with Melbourne Water prior to issuing a building permit. This is to ensure that the proposed development design has considered the impacts of flooding and assets such as waterways or drains.

​A building permit application is referred if the proposed site is land liable to flooding and the land abuts a waterway or is within 20 metres of an asset or waterway (Regulation 154).

Council or building surveyors are required to consult with us to obtain flood level information. This information will assist in the setting of floor levels to protect against flooding (Regulation 153). 

Approval process

Melbourne Water will provide written approval that your project is flood protected or meets our conditions to proceed with your building permit application.

Documents required

Information that we require includes:

  • detailed development plans, including floor plans and elevations

  • site plans


The process takes 14 days.

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There are no fees for this service.

Guidelines and standards

For more information read our:

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