Drainage design review and acceptance

Developers designing assets in line with a drainage scheme (also known as a ‘Development Services Scheme’) or to alter or decommission an existing Melbourne Water asset must apply for our comments and acceptance of those designs.

Drainage designs go through three stages of review and acceptance:

  • concept design

  • functional design

  • detailed designs

Concept design

The concept design process includes understanding the site, design configuration, confirming the location and size of the asset and if there is adequate land available. Concept designs can be submitted online for our consideration.

Functional design

Following the completion and approval of concept design, functional designs outline the functional elements of the system. These include calculations, modelling and design refinement to ensure full functionality and future maintenance of the assets. Functional designs can be submitted online for our consideration.

Detailed designs

Following the completion and acceptance of the Functional Design, Detailed Design plans can be submitted online for our consideration.

Application process

Documents required

Information required includes:

  • concept/functional report

  • engineering design plans, including catchment plans and computations

  • supporting hydraulic, hydrologic and stormwater quality treatment modelling

  • additional information or correspondence (such as approvals from relevant authorities)

Approval process

We will review and report and supporting modeling and respond with our:

  • request for further information (RFI) where required

  • in-principle acceptance

  • in-principle acceptance with conditions

  • objection 


The process takes up to 28 calendar days to assess an application and respond.

Incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.


There are no fees for this service.


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