Network Outlook dashboard

The Network Outlook dashboard is an interactive tool that shows how our water and sewerage networks might perform under a variety of future scenarios – helping future-proof the infrastructure upon which we rely.

Explore the dashboard, including an interactive map and detailed explanation of the science that underpins it. Best viewed on a desktop computer.

About the dashboard

Our water and sewerage networks are facing increasing challenges: from population growth and climate change, to droughts and floods. Making sure Melbourne’s world-class infrastructure can cope with future demands is critical. But long-term planning requires thinking a long way into the future, which is deeply uncertain.

We work with Melbourne’s retail water companies to ensure our networks have capacity for whatever the future holds. Together, we’ve developed the Network Outlook dashboard: a sophisticated, interactive tool that models how the system might perform in a variety of future scenarios.

These factor in:

  • population growth
  • climate change
  • water management. 

This helps us develop flexible strategies that can adapt to these future changes, and find and address any issues well before they emerge.

Watch the following video to learn more:

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