Lower Dandenong Creek Litter Action Plan

The Lower Dandenong Creek Litter Collaboration brings together the Cities of Casey, Greater Dandenong and Kingston, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and the EPA to tackle litter at a catchment scale.

Lower Dandenong Creek Litter Action Plan

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The partnership is based on the understanding that litter management is a shared responsibility, and that effective litter management over the long term requires a range of interventions – from education to infrastructure to enforcement to maintenance – planned strategically, implemented collaboratively, and driven by data.

The Action Plan

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The Lower Dandenong Creek Litter Action Plan is a holistic action plan to more effectively prevent litter entering the stormwater system and more effectively remove the litter that does make it into our waterways. It is based off detailed analysis of litter generation hotspots, litter accumulation hotspots, problem litter types, existing infrastructure, and how litter moves through the stormwater system.

The Action Plan includes both short term and long term interventions strategically targeted to have the most impact at different locations, ranging from optimising maintenance, adding new infrastructure at key locations, targeted education and enforcement, ongoing monitoring and community engagement.


Implementation of the 5 year Action Plan is coordinated by Melbourne Water but relies on the ongoing collaboration between partners and our local community to have a lasting positive impact on stopping litter entering Port Phillip Bay.

Project Management for the Lower Dandenong Creek Litter Action is through the Service Partnerships team at Melbourne Water.


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