Water Outlook

Read Melbourne's Water Outlook: a summary of the state of Melbourne's water supply and demand, which sets out actions to be taken by the water industry to secure our water supply. It is based on storage volumes in the Melbourne water supply system on 30 November each year, and applies to the year ahead. 

Melbourne's water outlook at a glance

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The Water Outlook includes information on water availability, water storages, water use and short-to-medium term management of Melbourne's water resources for 2020, from Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and City West Water.

At a glance, it notes that:

  • we live in a climate that is getting drier and warmer, and our population continues to grow 
  • we will increasingly use desalinated water as part of our regular water supply
  • permanent water use rules remain in place to reduce demand on our precious drinking water
  • we are all encouraged to limit our water consumption to 155 litres per person per day. If we each use seven litres less every day (two-thirds of a bucket of water), we can reach Target 155
  • Bureau of Meterology outlooks show below average rainfall, warmer temperature and low storage inflows are more likely for the Melbourne region over the coming months. 

The Water Outlook in a sentence: Melbourne's water storages are secure, though real and growing challenges to our water supply availability require us all to act.

Download the Water Outlook

For more information, download the Water Outlook:


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Securing our water supply

Imagine the Yarra without water...

Read about how Melbourne Water is working to secure our water supply, including the ongoing challenges, how the water sector is responding, and water-saving tips to make every drop count:

Securing our water supply


Are you meeting Target 155?

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Learn about our permanent water-saving rules, if you're meeting Target 155, and Melbourne's history of water restrictions.


Permanent water-saving rules
and Target 155


Water storage levels

Environmental water release at Starvation Creek

See Melbourne's daily water storages, updated each afternoon.  


Water storage and use



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3 July 2020