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Thomson Reservoir has reached capacity for second time this year

For the second time this year, the Thomson Dam, one of Victoria's largest water storage reservoirs, has reached capacity.  

Since April 2023, Thomson Dam has been above 95 percent capacity and can store 60 percent of Melbourne's water.

Late last year, the Thomson reached the dam’s spillway for the first time in more than 25 years, with the additional flows lasting three months until February 2023.

Light rainfall near the Thomson catchment in recent days contributed to the reservoir's increased levels.  Water storage levels will be monitored closely and managed by Melbourne Water to retain as much water as possible.

Spillways are designed to safely transport excess water during prolonged periods of rainfall or weather events causing a reservoir to fill.

Residents and businesses downstream may notice higher and faster flows in the Thomson River than normal.  

Greater Melbourne storages are in good shape for the summer, with Melbourne Water aiming to have storages as full as possible before the start of any dry conditions to reduce the need for water restrictions in the community. 

The Thomson Dam plays a crucial role in securing water supply for the region, providing a vital resource for agriculture, industry, and communities across Victoria.

For further updates and information on the Thomson Dam's Height levels, please refer to bom.gov.au website.


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