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New Podcast Series ‘Ag-Resilience’ Offers Strategies for Low Emission & Biodiversity Farming

Farmers in the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment are taking proactive steps to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change. To promote climate-resilient farming practices, a new three-part podcast series titled "Ag-Resilience" has been launched.

The "Ag-Resilience" podcast series hosted by Karen Thomas, Sustainable Agriculture Facilitator at Melbourne Water aims to provide farmers with valuable information and strategies to help them transition towards low emission and biodiversity friendly farming.

Karen Thomas, Sustainable Agriculture Facilitator at Melbourne Water said, “through these interviews with renowned researchers and award-winning scientists, the series offers science-based insights and practical advice to farmers, bringing them closer to achieving a climate-smart farm by 2050”.

The first episode of the "Ag-Resilience" podcast delves into the importance of climate-resilient farming practices and the benefits they bring to both farmers and the environment. Dr. Martino Malerba, a respected authority in the field, shares his extensive knowledge and expertise on how farm dam management can help in reducing methane emissions, increasing biodiversity, maintaining water security, and enhancing community wellbeing.

The second episode in the series features Jessica Kelley, a Masters in Ecology student at LaTrobe University. Jessica is conducting ground-breaking research on the potential for insectivorous birds (species feeding on insects, spiders, and other invertebrates) to provide ecosystem services in pastures. In her research, Jessica investigates how insectivorous birds can play a crucial role in maintaining the health and resilience of agricultural landscapes.

The final episode of the series wraps up with a discussion on the long-term vision of achieving a climate-smart farm by 2050. Listeners will hear from Professor Lindenmayer who will delve into the importance of climate resilient farming practices and the potential benefits they offer. 

Introducing Ag-Resilience Podcast Series

Ag-Resilience Podcast Series

Ag-Resilience podcast series is a collaborative effort between Melbourne Water, local farming communities, and agricultural experts. It aims to raise awareness about the benefits of climate resilient farming practices, foster knowledge sharing, and encourage the adoption of sustainable methods throughout the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment.

To stay informed and gain access to this valuable resource, we encourage farmers, and anyone interested in sustainable agriculture to subscribe to the "Ag-Resilience" podcast on your preferred podcast platform.


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