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Monbulk Stormwater Harvesting

A new harvest for Monbulk

Melbourne Water in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council and the Victorian Government, has delivered a stormwater harvesting system at Monbulk Recreation Reserve. 

The Monbulk Stormwater Harvesting project is a priority project for the Yarra Integrated Water Management (IWM) Forum, which is one of the five IWM Forums in Metropolitan Melbourne established through the Victorian Government’s IWM Program. The Victorian Government provided funding for the project through the IWM Program. 

This system captures, treats, and uses stormwater from a Council drain in McAlister Rd, next to Monbulk Recreation Reserve, draining a 17-hectare catchment including Mt Pleasant Rd, Moores Rd, Main Rd, and David Hill Road in Monbulk.

How water harvesting works

The harvested stormwater is stored in underground tanks next to the sports field. This is used to irrigate the field and will allow community groups in Monbulk to enjoy a well-watered sports reserve, while contributing to waterway health and the security of our drinking water supply into the future.

“This is a great step forward for the Monbulk community, making use of alternative water sources – like recycled water and stormwater – reduces pressure on our drinking water supplies while improving the liveability of our communities.” says Micah Pendergast, Melbourne Water Incentives Coordinator for Waterways & Catchment Services North West.

This investment will harvest approximately 4 million litres of stormwater per year, reducing our reliance on our precious drinking water supplies, and reduce stormwater pollution to Emerald Creek, Woori Yallock Creek, the Yarra River, and Port Phillip Bay. In addition, it will protect water quality in Emerald Creek, supporting the breeding platypus population.

Stormwater harvesting involves collecting, treating, storing and using stormwater runoff from urban areas. It differs from rainwater harvesting as it includes the water runoff from roads, carparks and driveways, rather than just the cleaner rainwater runoff from roofs. 

The harvesting pumps were commissioned on 20 September 2023 and the system is now operational. 

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