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Melbourne Water supports a Litter Action Plan to combat littering for Moonee Ponds Creek

The Moonee Ponds Creek catchment has been grappling with the persistent problem of litter and rubbish dumping. To address this issue, Melbourne Water is proud to support the Chain of Ponds Litter Action Plan aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of litter in our waterways and habitats in our waterways. The plan primarily focuses on tackling the source of litter through interventions and initiatives.

As part of the Chain of Ponds Litter Action Plan, Melbourne Water will support the installation of ground decal signs at various high visitation areas in Pascoe Vale including shopping precincts that are linked to important waterways and nearby stormwater drains near Boundary Road and West Street – from early October. Visually engaging ground decal signs will serve as reminders for residents and shoppers to dispose of their waste responsibly and keep our waterways clean.

Naomi Dart, Melbourne Water Waterwatch Coordinator said, “By targeting the source of litter, we make litter extinct and protect our precious water resources and habitat.”

“Littering poses a significant threat to our environment, with plastic waste being a major contributor to the pollution of our waterways. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal of our beautiful landscapes but also poses a danger to the flora and fauna that rely on these ecosystems for survival.”

Melbourne Water recognises the urgent need to address this issue and is committed to taking proactive measures.

“By collaborating with local communities, councils’, businesses, and community groups, we can collectively work towards a cleaner and healthier environment. Our waterways are invaluable resources that support diverse ecosystems and provide recreational opportunities for the community,”  Ms Dart said.  

“Through the Chain of Ponds Litter Action Plan, we aim to raise awareness about the impact of littering and encourage responsible waste disposal practices.”

The plan will involve various strategies and initiatives designed to tackle litter at its root cause, thereby minimising its detrimental effects on the Moonee Ponds Creek an important waterway in the west. The key objectives of the Chain of Ponds Litter Action Plan include:

1. Engaging the Community: The plan will actively involve the local community through educational campaigns, awareness programs, and community clean-up events. By fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership, it is anticipated that community involvement will lead to a reduction in littering behaviour.

2. Enhancing Litter Management Infrastructure: The plan will focus on improving litter management infrastructure within the catchment area. This includes the installation of additional rubbish bins, recycling facilities, and signage to encourage proper disposal of waste.

3. Promoting Behavioural Change: The plan will also engage in targeted communication campaigns aimed at promoting positive behavioural change among residents and visitors to the Moonee Ponds Creek catchment. This will involve raising awareness about the negative impacts of littering and encouraging responsible waste disposal practices.

By implementing these strategies, Melbourne Water encourages everyone to take part in the fight against litter by disposing of waste properly, recycling whenever possible, taking part in a litter clean up, and educating others about the importance of keeping our waterways clean.  

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