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Melbourne Water Supports the Circular Economy Innovation Category at the Premier’s Sustainability Awards

Melbourne Water is proud to support the category of Circular Economy Innovation at this year's Premier's Sustainability Awards. The event, which took place last night at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Federation Square, recognised some of Victoria's Industry Leaders and Community Champions for their outstanding initiatives.

The Circular Economy Innovation category acknowledges organisations that have shown excellence in implementing circular economy practices, reducing waste, and repurposing resources towards an environmentally conscious and sustainable future. These industry leaders and champions are at the forefront of driving positive change and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Premier Sustainability Award Sponsors
Premier Sustainability Award 2023 Sponsorship Representatives including Managing Director, Melbourne Water Dr. Nerina Di Lorenzo (second left) & Interim Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability Victoria Matt Genever (middle)

The Premier's Sustainability Awards acknowledges and rewards outstanding contributions in sustainability. These awards provide a platform for highlighting innovative projects and programs that have the potential to inspire others to follow suit.

Melbourne Water, Managing Director Dr. Nerina Di Lorenzo said, Melbourne Water's support for the Circular Economy Innovation category reflects our commitment to promoting sustainable practices across our operations and the community. “By collaborating with industry leaders and community champions, we aim to create a circular economy that benefits both the environment and the economy.”  


EcologiQ team
Circular Economy Innovation - Industry Leader Award Winners: EcologiQ


Industry Leader Award: EcologiQ

The Industry Leader Award was presented to EcologiQ, recognising their exceptional work and commitment to driving circular economy innovation. With their expertise and dedication, EcologiQ is at the forefront of transforming the way resources are used in major infrastructure projects. 


Community Champion Award: Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective

The Community Champion Award goes to Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective. This community-led initiative has made a significant impact on repurposing surplus food and reducing waste within the local food industry. They hope to inspire and empower communities around the world to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable future by continuing their important work.

Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective
Circular Economy Innovation - Community Champion Award Winners: Wholefoods Unwrapped Collective

“These award winners are a testament to the creativity and determination of individuals and organisations committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Their efforts highlight the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we transition to a circular economy,” added Dr. Di Lorenzo.

The winners in the Circular Economy Innovation category were carefully selected based on their demonstrated achievements and innovative approaches. These individuals and organisations have highlighted their commitment to reducing waste, recycling materials, and creating sustainable solutions.

The Premier's Sustainability Awards also highlight the importance of collective action. “By working together, we can collectively achieve a more sustainable future,” added Dr. Di Lorenzo.

Melbourne Water remains committed to working with the community, businesses, and government partners to drive sustainability initiatives. By promoting a circular economy, we aim to create a thriving, resilient, and sustainable future for Victoria.

“Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the Circular Economy Innovation category at the Premier's Sustainability Awards. Together, let us continue to strive for a more sustainable and circular economy for all Victorians,” added Dr. Di Lorenzo.


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