Construction, works and connections

You need to get approval if you want to plant, install, demolish or build over (or near) any of our underground assets or easements.

Fees also apply, depending on the work.

Fees and security - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

Fees to be charged will separate the administration cost and inspection fee. Upfront application fee is to be paid prior to approval being provided.

Works type​ ​Initial application fee (including one connection) Inspection fee  (maximum three inspections)​ ​Additional connection / Works
Connection - such as stormwater or sewer on our land ​$154.15 ​$270.50 ​$424.65
Connection -such as stormwater or sewer not on our land​ ​$154.15 ​$270.50 (to be determined upon approval) ​$424.65
​Build Over ​$208.49 ​$270.50 (to be determined upon approval) ​To be determined upon approval
​Works/activities affecting our assets and land - such as jetties, vehicular/pedestrian crossings, access, utility installations, other authority works, road works ​$154.15 ​$270.50 ​$424.65

Please note: Inspection fee must be paid prior to permit to work being issued.

Each job will require three inspections - such as pre-commencement, practical and final.

Any additional inspection may incur additional inspection fees. Additional costs may be applicable upon approval including inspection fees, land value and valuation costs and legal fees.

Security fee

A security fee will be applicable for any works affecting our assets. Please see Table A for a breakdown of the security scale structure dependent on the cost of works.

Table A

Cost of works ($)​ Security ($)​ ​Category type
​0 - 5,000 ​5,000 Example: Stormwater outlet connections <225mm, any other type of works
Minor waterway (banks of <1m)
​5,000 - 10, 000 10,000​ Example: Culverts, stormwater, outlet connections >225mm, utility crossings, any other type of works
Medium waterway (banks 1-2m)​
> 10,000 ​ ​20,000 ​Example: Stormwater outlets, bridges, culverts, open cut excavations, any other type of works
Major waterway (>2m bank)

Please note: For greater than $10,000 in exceptional circumstances a greater security may be required, based on the assumption of type of works being undertaken. This would be assessed on a case-by-case basis and require two quotes. The security amount will be 100% of the quoted amount provided, and is refundable.

How to determine the security amount

At the time of application you can provide a cost estimate of the works affecting the asset, the security amount shall be the sum of the cost estimate multiplied by two.


In the event no cost estimate is supplied or not possible due to timing of application, we will use Table A above to determine the security amount for the works. 

2016 price submission

These fees were reviewed through a public process with the Essential Services Commission.

The 2016 Water Price review covers a five year regulatory period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2021. Prices for building over Melbourne Water assets and stormwater connection fees will increase annually by CPI only.

View our 2016 price submission:

Water Price Review 2016 - Essential Services Commission

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24 June 2019