Compliance reports

As part of our reporting to our Board and its committees and to government, a number of compliance reports are produced throughout the year.​

Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals

‘Delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals’ is a report that outlines Melbourne Water's unwavering commitment to advancing sustainability through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Read about Melbourne Water’s response to advancing the targets for the 17 goals, including:
• Clean Water and Sanitation
• Industry, innovation and infrastructure
• Sustainable cities and communities
• Climate action
• Life on land.

Electrical asset management plans

We own and operate electrical assets, including low and high voltage lines and over 450 poles, in order to ensure the continuation of our cores services. Under the Electrical Safety Act 1998 we are required to produce an Electric Line Clearance Management Plan and a Bushfire Mitigation Plan. These plans outline how we operate, maintain and ensure the safety of our electrical assets.

​Water quality annual report

Our Water Quality Annual Report (previously Annual Report to the Department of Health) is an account of issues relating to water supply management and drinking water quality over the past financial year.

We're required to produce the report under Section 26 of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 (VIC).

​Annual performance statement to EPA

Our Annual Performance Statement to EPA summarises the Eastern Treatment Plant’s operation. It includes results of monitoring programs, summaries of works undertaken, details on trade waste received and our efforts to increase effluent re-use.

We are required to produce the report under our EPA Victoria licence to discharge treated effluent from the Eastern Treatment Plant.

More information is available on the EPA website.

EPA website

Last updated:
26 May 2019