Training to work on a Melbourne Water site

If you plan on working either for Melbourne Water, or on one of our sites, you will need to complete specific training to ensure you’re kept safe while working with us.

Your Melbourne Water host will need to help you to determine what training is required for your type of work. If you’re not sure, please contact them and discuss.

Some training is completed online, and some more extensive training will need to be completed in-person. 

Click on the Apply for training button to view the training available and apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know which training to select? 
Talk to your Melbourne Water contact. By default, most people will only need to complete a site induction and Working Safely At Melbourne Water. 

What if I need more than one Induction? 
If you require more than one Induction, you can click on more than one site, but you must choose the primary site you will be working from.

Why do I need to justify the training I’ve applied for? 
To ensure that there is a genuine need for training, a short description of the work you will be undertaking is required. Applications without a justification may be rejected.

Who is my Melbourne Water contact? 
The Melbourne Water person who has initiated the works you are about to deliver, your Project Manager or the person who has approved the works on waterways through a response letter.

Do I need to fill in the form for a Refresher course? 
Refresher courses are automatically assigned, however if you think you are overdue for training, complete this form and we will reassign the correct training to you. 

I’m changing companies, is my training still valid? 
Yes, the training is assigned to the individual. If you have changed companies but will still be working on Melbourne Water assets, please send an email with your name, email, phone number, old company details and new company details and we will update your records.

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Last updated:
3 July 2019