Water Sensitive Urban Design

​Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) integrates water cycle management into urban planning and design.​

The WSUD approach

WSUD key principles, examples of how and where WSUD can be integrated into new developments.

Distributed versus single-site treatment

The location of your treatments determines how you maintain and operate your system. Decide on an outlet or a distributed approach.

Selecting a treatment

Choose from a range of stormwater treatments – design their configuration carefully before beginning work.

Treatment train

Distributed treatments form a treatment train – a sequence designed to meet the needs of a particular environment.

Maintaining and operating treatments

Consider maintenance and operation when choosing your treatments, as they can harm the environment if poorly maintained.

WSUD treatments

Choose a WSUD treatment that suits your needs or learn more about treatments in general.

Stormwater quality objectives

The Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines outline the design options for stormwater treatment.
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