Frog Census

Get involved in the Frog Census, a community frog monitoring program. The data collected through the program is used to help manage Melbourne's frog populations and raises awareness of waterway health issues.

​Monitoring frogs

Being a frog monitor is easy and fun to do, you don’t need to be a frog expert. To start volunteering for the Frog Census all you need is a notebook and a recording device - the voice recorder on a mobile phone is perfect. You can record frog calls at any river, creek, wetland or any other type of waterway.

To get started, see our easy to follow templates and guides:

Submit your frog call

You can submit frog call recordings to us all year round, or as part of our specific data collection programs in April, August, October and November. Please make sure the recording is no longer than five minutes. Send your file to:

We will then identify the species of frogs you have recorded using a professional ecologist.

How we use the data

The data will inform planning and decision making on our waterway health and will be added to the CSIRO's Atlas of Living Australia to share biodiversity knowledge about endangered species.

Learn more about frogs

If you're interested in learning more about frogs in your local area and would like to get involved in the Frog Census, check out our What's On page to see what events are coming up near you. There's no cost to attend but registration is essential.

Contact us

For more information and registrations:

Latest News

It's August - time to head out and record during one of our key frog months!

Stay tuned for the Frog Census app, which will launch mid September.


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