Cardinia Reservoir desalination integration

The Cardinia Reservoir Desalination Integration Project formed an integral part of the plan to secure Victoria’s water supplies. We have built new infrastructure to prepare our water supply network to receive water from the Victorian Desalination Plant.

The desalinated water can then be transferred to homes and businesses across Melbourne and beyond, giving us more flexibility in how we manage our water supplies.

It was delivered by the Cardinia Connection Alliance, a partnership between John Holland, Sinclair Knight Merz and Pipe and Civil.

What happened

Cardinia Reservoir historically received water from Silvan Reservoir and supplied it to suburbs in the south and south-east of Melbourne. As part of these upgrade works, a pump station was built to enable water from Cardinia to be transferred back to Silvan and in turn, the broader water supply network. The project works also included:

  • a connection point where the desalination plant's transfer pipeline joins our network in Berwick
  • 2.3km of pipeline and an entry chute to deliver desalinated water into Cardinia Reservoir


Key facts

  • Start: March 2010
  • Finish: Late 2011
  • Cost: $50M

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