We are upgrading the existing 100 year old sewer that runs between Pasco Street, Williamstown and Scienceworks to ensure the Williamstown, Newport and Spotswood communities continue to receive a reliable sewerage service for the next 50 years.

What is happening

Inspections of the Williamstown main sewer revealed it is in poor condition and needs to be upgraded. The project is improving the condition of the sewer by rehabilitating the existing sewer pipe and associated manholes.

Works involve:

  • relining the existing 4.4 kilometre Williamstown main sewer using trenchless technology
  • rehabilitating the associated manholes along the alignment
  • reinstating affected areas as close as possible to pre-existing condition

The majority of the works will take place around the existing manhole locations.

Work started in early 2017 and will take approximately 18 months to complete, weather permitting.

Where it is happening

The Williamstown main sewer runs under local streets between Pasco Street, Williamstown and Scienceworks in Spotswood. The map below shows the project alignment.  

Map of Williamstown sewer


Project stages
Stage Estimated timing Description
Site investigations October to December 2016 ​Inspecting existing manholes and identifying existing underground and overhead services
Site mobilisation Early 2017 ​Equipment and machinery will be delivered to the project area
Relining and manhole works Late 2017 to mid 2018 Pipe relining and manhole works will start 
Multiple sites may be set up if they allow us to complete the works more quickly and efficiently
Reinstatement Mid 2018 Restoring any areas affected by our works to their original or similar condition 

Impacts to the community

Like any major project, there are impacts associated with the sewer rehabilitation works. We are working closely with the local community to manage these impacts as much as practicable.

As majority of the manholes are located in residential streets you can expect some temporary changes to local traffic, parking and access conditions. A traffic management plan is prepared in consultation with Council to manage these impacts. We are also notifying residents and businesses in advance of the expected changes.

There is some noise and odour associated with the relining works. We are working closely with our appointed contractor to minimise these impacts, especially when working at night.

We do not anticipate any impacts to your water or sewerage services during the works. 

Keeping you informed 

We will keep local residents and businesses informed about the works through letters, newsletters, door knocks and web updates.

Your feedback

Contact us with any feedback or queries on:

Community bulletins

-37.861611, 144.898371

Last updated:
31 October 2017