Melbourne Water has upgraded the Waverley Road retarding basin, along the Scotchmans Creek trail, in Mount Waverley.

The work was required in order to reduce the risk of the retarding basin embankment failing.

The Waverley Road retarding basin upgrade project was undertaken by John Holland-KBR joint venture, on behalf of Melbourne Water.

What the work involved

The work was undertaken between April and mid-June 2017 and involved:

  • removal of vegetation from the embankment. To comply with ANCOLD guidelines, trees and vegetation on the embankment need to be removed as the roots can impact the integrity of the embankment structure
  • removal of non-friable asbestos containing material from the spillway
  • significant concrete repair work on the spillway including sealing the vertical joints between panels to prevent further degredation
  • replacing topsoil and hydroseeding the embankment and other grassed areas within the basin impacted by upgrade works. Hydroseed is a mixture of grass seed, water and mulch that produces grass growth faster than regular seeding
Last updated:
14 February 2018