Melbourne Water is upgrading the Troups Creek West Wetland and the Hallam Bypass retarding basin to improve stormwater treatment and ensure the basin continues to operate safely.

What’s happening and when

Works to upgrade the wetland will involve:

  • modifying the wetland to reset water levels
  • building a new weir structure
  • building a new elevated path structure
  • connection of the elevated path with existing council shared use paths
  • reduction of flow into the wetland to improve stormwater treatment
  • improving maintenance access to the sediment trap
  • reinstatement of disturbed areas

Works to upgrade the retarding basin will involve provision of a filter diaphragm around the outlet conduit.

The project is expected to start in August 2017. The project is expected to take approximately five months to complete, weather permitting.

Where it is happening

The works will take place at the Troups Creek West Wetland and Hallam Bypass retarding basin on Drysdale Avenue in Narre Warren North.

Why this project is important

The aim of the wetland upgrade is to improve the quality of the treated stormwater leaving the Troups Creek West Wetland.

The purpose of the upgrade of the retarding basin is to ensure the retarding basin continues to function safely.

The project will also involve building a new elevated path structure across the wetland, which will link up with existing shared use paths, providing increased connectivity to the area.

What impact the project will have on the community

Like any major project, there will be some impacts associated with the upgrade works.

  • vegetation removal from the wetland; this will be replaced with plants that will improve the natural treatment of stormwater
  • temporary changes to the shared use paths around the wetland with signage to be in place to redirect pedestrians; paths impacted will be reinstated after our works
  • site office and amenities will be set up within the project area
  • increased vehicle movements in and around the wetland
  • some noise due to construction machinery.

We will work closely with Council and the community to manage these impacts.

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Last updated:
5 March 2018