Sandringham Upgrade

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Melbourne Water is pleased to advise that works to upgrade a section of the sewer along Beach Road, Sandringham are now complete. The section of sewer was constructed in 1909 and works will keep this vital asset functioning well in the future.

Why this project is important

These essential works will increase the service life of the sewer for decades to come providing long term benefits to the environment and community including a continued, reliable sewerage service.

The completion of these works mean that:

The life of the sewer is extended for decades to come

The risk of a potential sewer collapse is prevented

The local community continues to be provided with reliable sewerage

The health of the environment and local community is protected

EPA and Melbourne Water service requirements are met

What’s happened and when

The works are scheduled to commenced mid-July and were completed August 2019.

Two manholes required widening to ensure safe access to the sewer Following the manhole widening, three sections of the sewer pipe were relined. This involved dropping a machine down an existing manhole to coat the inside of the sewer pipe with a plastic liner. Once complete, grout was used to fill any gaps.

Around 500 metres of sewers were cleaned, removing all debris and sludge. Night works were needed as the sewage flows were at their lowest and less impact to traffic along Beach Road. We will be completing reinstatement works within the area of works.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while these essential sewer rehabilitation works were being completed.

Last updated:
30 August 2019