O’Shannassy Reservoir Upgrade project


From January 2019 Melbourne Water will be undertaking works to upgrade the O’Shannassy Reservoir. The O’Shannassy Reservoir is a crucial part of Melbourne’s storage reservoirs system. With a high annual yield of 60GL it provides many Melbourne homes and businesses with the world-class drinking water.

The Reservoir was constructed in 1928 by the Metropolitan board of works. Many parts of the Reservoir have been upgraded throughout the years to ensure that the best possible technologies are being used and the reservoir is functioning at its optimum level. This project will replace the Reservoir’s outlet pipe and tower structure to ensure it continues to operate effectively. 


Timing of works

Construction will commence in January 2019 and is expected to be complete in mid-2020. 

What to expect

O’Shannassy Reservoir is closed to the public and so we expect minimal disturbance from the works. A 5 km section of the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail from O’Shannassy Weir to Woods Point Road will be closed during the construction phase to ensure public safety. We suggest visiting Parks Victoria for alternate walking tracks in the area. 

We have made every effort to minimise the impact we have on surrounding vegetation, however some vegetation removal will be required to complete the works. Vegetation removal will be undertaken with the supervision of a qualified arborist and wildlife handler and in accordance with statutory requirements. 

Last updated:
9 August 2019