image of run down building covered with graffitti with fences around it

Melbourne Water is currently working with council and the community to determine the future of the Old Warrandyte Dairy.

An important reminder of the history of Warrandyte as a township, the Old Warrandyte Dairy building is all that is left of the small local dairy that operated up until the 1970s and is identified as a site of local interest.

The site is owned by Melbourne Water as part of the Yarra River floodplain. The building is currently in a state of disrepair and significant changes are required to ensure community safety.

What does the project involve?

Melbourne Water is currently working with Manningham City Council, Warrandyte Historical Society, Warrandyte Community Association and the  local community to identify options for the future use of the site.

We encourage any feedback and suggestions from local community members for this project.

The plan is to remove the bulk of the building as per recent and ongoing discussions with council and the community. The intention is to make the structure safe for the public while retaining as much of the historical significance of the structure as possible.

Changes to the site also involve the implementation of a landscape plan, which will involve removing weeds, and trimming and removing dead vegetation. The landscaping aims to open up the site making it more useful and an aesthetically pleasing area for the community as well as connecting it to the adjacent Warrandyte Walk trail.

Your feedback

For more information or to provide input into the project, please call us on 131 722


Last updated:
18 September 2018