Melbourne Water are working to repair the North Drop Structure located within the grounds of Scienceworks in Spotswood. It was built in the 1960s to divert sewer flows from the North Yarra main to the Brooklyn Trunk Sewer.

The North Drop structure is 25 metres deep and 6.8 metres wide, with a mezzanine level about halfway down providing access for maintenance. Underneath the mezzanine level, a flow trough diverts sewage through the sewer.

Works to date have included replacing a concrete floor within the structure.This involved restoring the concrete, duct and epoxy lining in the structure and repairing or replacing corroded steelwork.

During the works, further corrosion of the structure was discovered. This additional repair work has extended the project.

Works are being completed by CBP Black and Veatch Joint Venture on behalf of Melbourne Water.

​What’s happening and when

This project has involved:

  • demolishing and replacing structures within the North Drop Structure
  • relining the walls with epoxy – a chemical lining offering protection from corrosive sewage bacteria
  • restoring the concrete coating
  • improving access and safety for structure maintenance through additional works

Impacts on local residents and visitors

Visitors to Scienceworks are not expected be affected by the works; however, there may be:

  • a slight increase in odour at times
  • construction noise
  • construction traffic accessing the site off Douglas Parade, Spotswood

Works will not affect the workings of the sewage system or water supply to Scienceworks or businesses or residences around the museum complex.

Proposed timings

  • Construction start: mid 2016
  • Construction end: mid 2018

Why this project is important

The works will repair corrosion within the structure and improve the durability and safety of the sewer.

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Last updated:
4 April 2018