​We have now completed a trial maintenance program at all our managed piped stormwater beach outlets along the Mornington Peninsula. The trial aimed to ensure the proposed program was effective and outlets were working correctly and safely.

What happened

The maintenance trial began in June 2014, and increased the maintenance frequency of drainage outlets in the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, and a number of outlets in the Port Phillip Council

The trial consisted of minimum monthly site inspections and inspections after significant storms. Inspections involved:

  • checking the normal operation of the outlets
  • removing litter
  • desilting activities

Review of maintenance trial

During the three-year trial, the appearance of the beach near the outlets was found to be dynamic — being naturally affected by:

  • storm events (high drain flows)
  • seasonal weather patterns
  • coastal processes (sand shifting from wind and waves)

Scour channels are often found at the beach after storm events; however, the beach is often reset by a combination of sand movement from wind and waves and council beach grooming activities at a number of sites.

What happens now

The increased maintenance during the trial was effective in maintaining the drain outlets' operation, and there was no significant increase in flooding or complaints for any outlet into Port Phillip Bay.

As a result, the trial's maintenance frequencies will continue permanently as scheduled maintenance.

In addition to routine maintenance, minor capital repairs will be undertaken on an as-needs basis at all outlets, as part of normal practice to ensure the drains meet the designed flood protection standard.

Last updated:
13 February 2018