Between October 2016 and July 2017, Melbourne Water upgraded the existing Merri Creek Intercepting Sewer between Merri Park, Northcote and Princes Street, Carlton North.

The project involved relining the existing sewer to ensure the Northcote, East Brunswick, Carlton North and North Fitzroy community continued to receive a reliable sewerage service that meets Melbourne Water’s standards.

What was delivered

The sewer works involved:

  • relining the existing 2.5km Merri Creek Intercepting sewer
  • rehabilitating six existing manholes
  • keeping existing sewer services operating during the project

Why this project was important

The Merri Creek intercepting sewer is an important part of Melbourne Water’s sewerage network, servicing a number of properties in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. Inspections of the sewer revealed it was in poor condition and needed to be upgraded to ensure the local community continued to receive a reliable sewerage service into the future.

By completing this project, Melbourne Water has extended the life of the sewer by a minimum of 50 years.

Last updated:
13 February 2018